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Candy & Chocolate Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift? There are gifts and then there are chocolate gifts. We won’t say which is better.
Macy’s has the best and not to mention tastiest gifts your special someone could ask for. Leave the homemade dessert recipe at home—stop by today and shop gourmet chocolate candy boxes from amazing brands such as Chocolate Covered Company, Frango Chocolates, Betsy Ann Chocolates, Chocolate Works, Neuhaus and more!

Gourmet Chocolate Flavors:

• Milk Chocolate. Classic, decadent and delicious. It can only be milk chocolate candy. Milk chocolate also pairs perfectly with peanut butter (hello peanut butter cups and chocolate peanut butter candy bars).

• Caramel. Creamy, rich and smooth. You’ll definitely won’t stop at one caramel chocolate candy.

• Peppermint. ’Tis the gifting-giving season for peppermint candy. Peppermint and chocolate? Yes, please.

• White Chocolate. Gift your white chocolate-loving friend a box of these yummy goodies.

Helpful Hint: If they love white chocolate, dark chocolate and peppermint, they’ll love white and dark chocolate peppermint bark. It makes the perfect holiday snack!

• Mint Chocolate. Minty fresh and chocolatey-smooth. Dazzle their taste buds with the delectable combination of smooth milk chocolate and refreshing mint. Mint chocolate candies are a definite hit for any mint-loving person.

• Toffee. Combine caramelized sugar with butter, chocolate and roasted almonds for the ultimate candy crunch.

Helpful Hint: If your special someone likes fruit-flavored candy, go with gummies! Gummy candy will make a great addition to their gift.

Satisfy any sweet tooth with gourmet chocolate and candy, available at Macy’s!